stationA corner bar and restaurant nestled on the edge of Raleigh�s Historic Oakwood neighborhood, blending amongst the residential streets like a refuge. In the location that originally served as an Amoco gas station- The Station pays tribute to Raleigh�s rich past as well as present.
A cozy, rustic, watering-hole inviting you to hobnob and toast one another over a bucket of suds, a locally crafted brew or an artisinal cocktail. Creative, insightful takes on classic dishes that have been hand-crafted to set the tone for comfort.  A place to linger. This is The Station. Welcome home, neighbor.
Michael Hickey said it best, �The vaunted �third space� isn�t home, and isn�t work�it�s more like the living room of society at large. It�s a place where you are neither family nor co-worker, and yet where the values, interests, gossip, complaints and inspirations of these two other spheres intersect. It�s a place at least one step removed from the structures of work and home, more random, and yet familiar enough to breed a sense of identity and connection. It�s a place of both possibility and comfort, where the unexpected and the mundane transcend and mingle.And nine times out of ten, it�s a bar.
1460239_211922558979920_83975994_nOpen daily from 11am to 2am, The Station offers a �third space� that is uniquely Raleigh. Spacious outdoor and indoor dining areas, adorned with wood and metal, offer a range of accommodations for our friends. On colder nights, you can curl up next to one of our wood-burning fire pits while you await the open air dining experience that warmer weather brings. Whether you are stopping in for a farm-fresh lunch, taking a break from the kitchen, or imbibing in the company of others- we look forward to meeting you and becoming a part of your story.